Heirs of Custer

by Mouth House

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This is FC-005

Mouth House is Matt and Chris.


released February 24, 2015



Track Name: Slightly Interested In Your Biased Opinion
it was a rare moment
i'll take the blame on this one
i saw it coming but didn't flinch
mono radio waves can do that to a person
i never had a fucking chance
and i've got a bone to pick with you

who am i to decide this bullshit?
(when) normally assigned to huffing exhaust fumes
i’ve got enough trouble with mine
(nevermind) a warrantless conviction on some jane doe

this is the last thing i fucking need
a blatant gesture of understanding
drive this car right off the road
into a tomato stand in the promised land
someday jesus will take me home
Track Name: Dissing On My Style
a thought that comes every once in awhile
why are all my bros dissing on my style?
i flip my collar on the way to work
just keep drinking till my stomach hurts
it may seem tragic, but it’s not a phase
can’t let my conscience get in the way
a thought that comes every now and then
what is this useless life and when does it end?
i flipped my car on my way to work
anymore stress and my brain might burst
i can’t afford all the newest trends
i can’t afford all the newest friends
is this nature?
self destruct to fulfillment
is this permanent?
living a life someone else has planned
takes so long just to blame yourself
youth is ignorance, a chance at building your own hell
growing up it takes so long just to blame yourself
a canvas mind been painted with someone else’s design
don’t wonder how most got to think it’s just a waste of time
Track Name: Storm Coming
all my life justified
everything that you hold dear
will soon no longer be here.
standing at the precipice
the warning signs are hard to miss
you will lose all you know
while waiting for a brighter day
a softer life is pushed away
when your name is on the line
you’ll come to wish you honored mine
i want to be there
i want to see your face
when the truth comes out
and the tide has turned
and a big white hearse
and a couple words
all your shit unearned
i can see it now
someday soon, redemption
lesson learned?
storm coming
Track Name: Long Live Whatever
new in town or broken down
all the same detractors
all the same reactors
living in the hourglass
tried and true or passing through
all the same dominions
all the same opinions
goliaths dressed in human suits
shit seems fucking pointless
it took so long to see
i once was lost, but now have found
there’s no more room for effigies
everyone has different eyes
but even then it’s all the same
everyone has different eyes
but shitheads always win this game
we need a real culture war
with an end mutually assured
we need a real culture war
we’ve all heard this shit before
so flip a coin, reset the score
plant the flag for glory days -
a tidal wave that keeps coming back
we won’t ever speak the same
it’s useless to even attack
so send it out to space
the stars will better listen
ask the lights to dim
and balk at how they glisten
dedicate to ships
sunken in a reef
thank an empty casket
take a picture as you weep
Track Name: Heirs Of Custer
force over trust
an aversion to feel
this shitty arrangement is no longer real
cry up, cry long
let those bastard fuckers come
heirs to land wealth
technological imperatives
or fables of former selves
it’s not hard to define
the value of a life
or those chosen to live by
those forgotten long before
on a small hill in montana
or in the tent of a tyrant
or an office far from fields
you can’t think for yourself
when to think is to cede
and to cede is to know weakness